Essay on fear

Essay on fear

Fear is an unpleasant feeling of anxiety caused by pain, harm or threat of danger. Probably most of the people have fears of certain events, changes or objects. Moreover, fear covers a wide range of topics that can be discussed. If you are assigned to write an essay on fear you need to think of a theme that will be interesting for you to describe.

If you do not know what aspect of fear to analyze in your paper, the following article will help you. Here are the most recent and urgent topics for your paper. Just pick up one idea and research it thoroughly. Thus, you will get the result that will impress the reader with the effectiveness of your presentation.

To write a successful essay, consider the following ideas about fear:

  1. You may focus on the different types of fear, for example, uncertainty, intelligent and superstitious. Uncertainty kind of fear is caused by not knowing the result of somebody’s actions. Thus, a person jumping with a parachute is uncertain whether he/she will land safely or a person who teases a fierce dog is uncertain whether it will bite him/her. Intelligent fear is common for older people who gained a lot of knowledge about life around them. Superstitious fear is imaginary, for example, when a child is afraid of monsters.
  2. You may analyze the facial expressions caused by fear, for example, dilated pupils, widening of the eyes, upper lip rise, etc. You may describe these expressions from the psychological point of view and compare to the expressions of pleasure and tranquility.
  3. You may also determine the consequences of living in constant fear. This can result in nightmares, a strong phobia, schizophrenia or paranoia. If a lot of people fear something constantly it may lead to mass hysteria.
  4. You may also discuss the common fears of people, for example, enclosed space, heights, water, snakes, spiders, public speaking, failure, pain and social rejection. Determine the causes of these fears and comment whether they can cause harm to a person’s state of mind.
  5. Determine the causes of fear. Thus, some reasons may lie in person’s childhood, traumatic accident, historical or cultural influences, etc.

So, the essay on fear is rather interesting assignment. If you carry out a thorough research it will be curious for you to find out more about people’s fears, their reasons and consequences. Use the information provided in this article and you will definitely develop a topic that will be interesting to read.