4 Things to Keep in Mind to Write a Good Paper

Writer’s Resource - 4 Things to Keep in Mind to Write a Good Paper - Rosenwald School

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Control the Voice and Language of your paper:

Use active voice rather than passive. For example, “These properties were thought desirable” is in the passive voice and sounds better if written as, “We wanted to retain these properties”.
Use simple and direct language. For example, “On an annual basis” is not as engaging as “yearly”. We want it to be easy for our readers to comprehend our writing.

Write down your idea

More often than not, we have a great idea with little or no research material to back it. To infect the mind of the reader with your idea, write it down before inserting supporting research. That way, the argument you try to make is clearer and more focused. At the same time, it will highlight what we, the writer, do not understand about the subject matter and pave the topics that need to be researched by us.

Convey your idea

Cut everything down to the one problem your idea will solve. Structure it in such a way that you present the problem, highlighting why it is an interesting problem, and communicate to the reader, clearly, how it is an unsolved problem. This can be followed by a presentation of your idea, along with details and supporting data to show that the idea will work, and lastly compare your solution with other solutions, if any, showing why your idea is superior to the other ideas.

Do Thorough Research

It is always a good idea to spend at least as much time researching your essay as writing it. In the age of information overload, research might have become an easier task but sifting out the sound from the noise is still important before we can proceed with having a thesis to write about. It often helps to recruit professionals like papermoz.com to do the research for you just to make sure that you aren’t missing out on something important.

Structure your paper

You can use the following as a guideline and adjust it to the requirement set by your professor or publication:

Abstract: 4 sentences

Very important section – many writers write it in the end.

Introduction: 1 page

Keep the statements simple while making sure you describe the problem and state your contributions.

The problem: 1 page

Describe the problem and explain why it is an interesting one.

The idea: 2 pages

Describe your idea and defend it using examples.

The details: 5 pages

Related work: 1-2 pages

Acknowledge people and sources that have helped you and acknowledge weaknesses in your approach.

Conclusions and further work: ½ page

Hope you found this guide useful. Leave a comment if you wish to add a question for us to cover in our next post or share your own thoughts about this post.